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Short Walks for Short People, and Other Hikes

The Aspetuck Land Trust is sponsoring a number of hikes this summer. For directions to all locations, check the Land Trust’s web site.

Saturday, July 17th, 10-noon: Short walks for short people (aged 3-7, with a caregiver), at the Leonard Schine Arborteum,Westport. Check out the new natural playground there.

Saturday morning, July 31st, 10-noon: Wildflowers, at Stonebridge Waterfowl Preserve, Weston.

Saturday morning, Aug. 14th, 9-noon: Stone Walls and Backyard Beekeeping, Crow Hill Preserve and Trout Brook Valley, Weston.

Thursday evening, Aug. 19th, 6-8 p.m.: Shore bird hike, Ash Creek/Great Salt March Preserve, Bridgeport

Saturday morning, Aug. 28th, 9-noon: Natural history, Trout Brook Valley

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Strawberry Season

Over at the Jones Family Farms’ web site, I read that there’s a “sneak peek” of pick-your-own strawberries on Saturday morning, May 29th! Seems early to me, but I did see fresh strawberries from other local places at Westport’s farmers’ market this morning.

Jones Family Farms, in Shelton, is our favorite place to go strawberry-picking. We’ve paid a visit almost every year for the past nine years. Usually we end up with so many strawberries that we end up giving away a lot. It’s all fun.

Note: Other than being a longtime fan, I have no relationship with Jones Family Farms.

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A Frog in the Hand…

…is worth a lot of smiles on a spring afternoon.

This fine fellow is a green frog that my son caught in (and returned to) a local pond. At least I think it’s a green frog and not a bullfrog after studying the National Audubon Society Field Guide to New England. This frog and its kin do let out a big eek before jumping into the water, just like the book says.

As a child, I captured thousands of tadpoles, and put them into a Coleman ice chest, much to my dad’s displeasure. It was a perfect aquarium for fledgling amphibians. I seem to have passed along the trait for frog interest to the kiddo. Two green frogs resembling the one in the photograph spent the weekend with us recently, but did go home to the pond eventually. (It is not the first time I have driven around animals “borrowed” from other places; I once drove a crab back to the beach after it climbed out of its container and scuttled into the TV room late one evening.)

The children’s book Nic Bishop’s Frogs is very good on the subject.

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Pine Creek Marsh (Fairfield, Connecticut)


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Grace K. Salmon Park, Westport

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Spring at Haskins Preserve, Westport (Aspetuck Land Trust)


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