Off Season



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6 responses to “Off Season

  1. sherwoodisland

    I cheated on this one. I was supposed to be at Sherwood Island today, but had car troubles. So, this is one I liked from earlier this week.

  2. We will just start calling your site Sherwood Island 364.

  3. Great capture! I gave you the fabulous Butterfly Award for your blog. <a href=””<Butterfly Award! I always love visiting here!

  4. Matt, ha! I missed almost the whole month of December. The best time I’ve had at Sherwood Island this winter is when I went birding there with a local group. Like almost everybody else, I like the summer there best so far. At some point I’d like to widen the area I cover. There are so many interesting spots around here.

    Cloudscome, wow! That is so kind of you. Thank you.

  5. sherwoodisland

    Good one, Matt. I added the home page of Connecticut Coastal Access to the Blog Roll. Thank you.

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