Sherwood Island State Park, 1.1.10

Oh, dear. I really need to change that banner with the leafy green trees. Snow covers the ground here in Westport these days.

My first bird of the day was a song sparrow at the backyard feeder. Seemed like a good omen for 2010.

I started the new year with a quick walk around the marsh at Sherwood Island, and was happy to see a blue egret and a belted kingfisher, among other birds. I spotted a red-tailed hawk and maybe a Cooper’s hawk, though that last i.d. is certainly up for grabs. Better bird identification skills are something I want to work on. Both cameras were dead, alas, so I didn’t get any photos. A canvasback duck and a whole bunch of black ducks, a few hooded mergansers, and a couple of gadwalls could been seen in the Mill Pond from the overlook close to the entrance of the park.

For a winter day Sherwood Island had a good handful of visitors. New year’s resolutions must have been responsible for at least some of them. Though small in number compared to the summer, it was still good to know other people were around. Sherwood Island can get pretty desolate in the winter. A couple of guys were even flying their model airplanes over the snowy airfield. One remarked that the cold weather was draining the batteries more quickly that usual.

The New Haven Bird Club is sponsoring a walk at the park on Wednesday, January 6, at 9:30 a.m. Details here.


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2 responses to “Sherwood Island State Park, 1.1.10

  1. I updated your blog name on my blog list.I’m glad you decided to join in on the Big January fun. I think the COA started it in CT-not sure. Good luck!

  2. sherwoodisland

    Thanks, Larry! I think Big January will be fun. Maybe that’s my next post’s topic.

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