Catching Up with Sherwood Island

Sherwood Island State Park was beautiful this past Sunday. So many of the trees are in bloom, a few grills were going, and a number of people were enjoying the beach. I saw The Bicycle Rider, whom I remember from last year; he is often at the park. Among the birds were some I hadn’t seen since last fall: great egrets, snowy egrets, and killdeer. This birdhouse in the photograph is near the east side walking bridge; it was made at the nature center last year.

Speaking of the nature center, staff people were working to ready it for an opening next weekend. Several eager children had stopped on their bikes to talk  about jellyfish and look around. As of April 17th, the center will be open 10-4 on Saturdays and Sundays until Memorial Day; after that, the hours are 10-4 Wednesdays through Sundays until school starts up again. It’s likely to take a couple of weeks for the full complement of nature center residents–snakes, turtles, and touch-tank animals–to return and settle in.

To birders, spring means migration season and the chance to see warblers, among other birds passing through. Yesterday at the park, Luke Tiller, of Sunrise Birding, reported that he and a group spotted a Yellow-throated Warbler near the pavilion.

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