About This Blog

This blog started as one devoted entirely to Westport’s Sherwood Island State Park. The original name was Sherwood Island 365. As of December 31st, 2009, I’ve enlarged the scope to cover other areas in and around the town, with occasional forays to far-flung places. With that, I also changed the name to The Wilder Side of Westport. Very racy for a nature blog, eh?

I’m an amateur photographer who enjoys the outdoors. My other blog is Chicken Spaghetti: Books for Children and the Rest of Us, Too.

Susan Thomsen
Westport, Connecticut

8 responses to “About This Blog

  1. Hi Susan! I stumbled upon your blog in the Westport Now blog roll, and just added a link to it on the Friends of Sherwood Island website. Beautiful work – hope you’ll keep it up all winter.

  2. Thanks so much! I really admire the Friends’ web site, too; it’s a wonderful resource.

  3. underclearskies

    Hi Susan,

    Nice Blog. As a birder I have a love/hate relationship with Sherwood Island. Sometimes it’s the best place to be birding in the state and sometimes it feels like it’s the worst (cold and empty). Some great pictures in here – the sea log in is my personal favorite.


  4. sherwoodisland

    Hi, Luke! Thanks for the nice words about Sherwood Island 365.

    I like your blog, too; I added it to the blog roll. Can’t wait to go on one of your walks one day soon.

  5. You also might check out and report on our new Paul Neman Lillian Poses Nature preserve in Westport.
    The Town of Westport unanimously approved the creation of the 38-acre Newman/Poses Nature Preserve which the Aspetuck Land Trust will manage for the town. This nature preserve is the only public memorial approved by the family of the late Paul Newman as a way to honor the actor and philanthropist. The parcel is adjacent to the Newman residence and includes land sold to the town by Lillian Poses, a lawyer who worked on the New Deal in Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration and who was one of the first women to graduate from NYU Law School.

  6. Lynne

    I love this blog! I am always looking for the wilder places and they really are “tucked away” in this town. Hey Susan-did you know that the ospreys are having another go at it on top of the police station? They’ve been trying to procreate there for a couple of years now, but I’m pretty sure they’ve been unsuccessful so far. I have high hopes for this year because there are only two of them. Last year there were three in the area and I think the males wasted all there time dive bombing each other and then the season was over.

  7. sherwoodisland

    I saw them there a few weeks ago, Lynne! Wouldn’t be great if there are babies!

    Thanks for the nice words about the blog. There are some wonderful open spaces around town, and I am hoping to find more of them.

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